F-750 Ford Flatbed with 18,000lb 51' Boom Crane for Hire | @ Arizona Climate Supply

Our Newest Addition To The Team… F-750 18k lb 51foot Crane

Arizona Climate Supply - F750 18klbs Boom Crane For Hire

ACS has equipment to accomplish more

Available For Hire:

Ford: F-750 with Furukawa UR805 truck mounted crane,
max lift capacity: 18,000lbs, Boom length: 51.2 ft,  

Max lift capacity: 18,000lbs @ 5’

1st stage lift capacity -13.5 ft:  7,600lbs
2nd stage lift capacity-23 ft: 3,950lbs
3rd stage lift capacity- 32.5ft: 2,250lbs
4th stage lift capacity- 42.5ft: 1,400lbs
5th stage lift capacity-51.2ft: 1,000lbs
Working Radius: 2.5ft to 51.2 ft.

Questions? Call ACS (602) 278-3020

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